Sponsored Post 17-July-2020

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How To Earn On GeGloballife on Ge-coin

In Gegloballife You Earn Your Income In Two Currency Ge-Coin & Dollar

  1. Once you Sign up, you receive a bonus of 2000 Ge-Coin
  2. Reading News earn you 50 Ge-Coin
  3. Commenting on News 50 Ge-Coin
  4. Sharing any news on the site, you earn 50 Ge-Coin
  5. Daily Login bonus is 100 Ge-Coin
  6. You Earn 1000 Ge-Coin for Sharing  our Daily Sponsored Post
  7. And Earn $3.00 for Referral Bonus.
  8. Making a Post 100 Ge-Coin
  9. Birthday Wishes Post SUB 1,000 Ge-Coin
  10. Naira & Dollar Investment is %100 Profit Payback after 2weeks.
  11. All Ge-Coin Will Be Converted to Dollar & Be Paid out Every 14th & 28th of Every Month.


Ways To Earn In Gegloballife
  • = Activity Earning: Reading News, Daily Login, Commenting also Sharing Any Of our News & Sponsored Post You Earn In Ge-Coin
  • = Referral Earning: This Is By Inviting Friends & Family To Gegloballife. You can make $100 To $500 Weekly, Now Referral is on Promo.
  • = Naira & Dollar Invest Earning: You can Invest From ₦2,000 / $6.00 Upwards. Any amount you invest you get it Back After 2weeks with %100 interest.


STAY SAFE, STAY CONNECTED WITH GEGLOBALLIFE!!! On GEGLOBALLIFE, We Discuss, We Learn, We Earn. Kindly Note that GEGLOBALLIFE is not a money doubling outfit, not a ponzi scheme like MMM, and not a 30 minutes or 1 hour investment program. Beware of scammers! Don’t fall for their tricks. We generate our revenue from Companies & google adsense etc (paid for advertising on our site) and share the funds accordingly among members.


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