Due To Our Recent Downtime In Our Server System We Are Trying So Hard To Keep The System In Normal Order So For This Reason We are Implementing This New Update To Keep the System Moving And Running Smoothly. We Are Sorry For Any Inconvenience This Might Cause You In Any Way But is on the better for Everyone & the company.


  • Investment Platform is now Schedule on Every 21Days NO MORE 14DAYS. This Conclusion was made yesterday after a Strong meeting was made regarding it. 


Reasons for this Changes:
  • Delay of Payment confirmation
  • Delay of Payout
  • Members making mistakes
  • Members Going against the rules
  • Members using different Names
  • Charges OF 500Ge-Coin will Be Applied On investment withdrawal as Bank Charges
  • We will be implementing a new plugging soon which members can use there Ge-coin to Pay Bill & Purchase Airtime


By adjusting the Investment Payout date it will make us also give us time to always sort those issues and keep the company going perfectly. This effects starts Tomorrow 7th August, Invest from 7th August is Now 21th due Date. Always invite your friends that what keeps the company growing




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