Lagos Senatorial Bye Election: Gbadamosi Alleges Attempted Assassination

PDP Canditate Gbadamosi Alleges That APC Candidate Tokunbo Abiru Is Trying To Kill Him.
Mr. Tokunbo Abiru, please warn your campaign against murder & assassination. This is the second attempt against us!!! One of our activists was almost assassinated last night by four gunmen who admitted they had been trailing him since 5pm. He barely escaped with his life!
The 1st attempt was at Shomolu, and we escaped because of the vigilance of my driver, who noticed the would-be assassin creeping up on us from behind. Last night was the 2nd attempt. I’m aware you’ll feign ignorance & even threaten to sue, but only the living can be sued!!
Just so you’re not in any doubt, @TokunboAbiru, I am tagging you so you know this is not some publicity stunt. Both attempts were real and can no longer be ignored, in view of what happened to late Engineer Funsho Williams in this same Lagos!!
For the record, I fully expect you to claim that your reputation is somehow being tarnished and that these are lies. However I’m willing to pay that price just so no further attempts are made on the lives of our campaign members or myself. That’s the reason I’ve gone public.

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