Barry Jhay Arrested…Accused Of Murdering Record Label Boss, Kashy

Musician, Barry Jhay has been fingered in the circumstances that led to the death of One Kashy, the owner of Cash nation entertainment where he is signed.

Multiple reports say the singer has been arrested in Ghana.

Citynews Nigeria learnt that Kashy committed suicide today after battling depression for some time.

Meanwhile, in a new development, a video flooding the internet has it on record that Barry Jhay had a fight with Kashy before he died, and unfortunately, it was a bloody one.

Following this revelation, some social media users have accused Barry Jhay of having hands in the death of Kashy, as many claimed it was not suicide but a murder case which has Barry Jhay as a prime suspect.

Apart from the social media users, Kashy’s sister has also spoken about the issue, and revealed that the case is purely a murder case because her brother still has his shoes on.

She went on to give details of how Barry Jhay was given a car, and hublot worth millions of naira by Kashy, while threatening to Kill Barry Jhay for having hands in her brother’s death.

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