Bad Day For Boko-Haram Insurgents In Borno, See What Nigeria Troops Did To Them That Stirred Reactions


Today was really a bad day for the Boko-Haram Insurgents in the Bama Axis, as Nigerian troops of the Operation Tura Takaibango, stormed the enclaves of the insurgents along the Bama axis, which includes; Garin Bello, Kwoche, Lawanti, Alfa Bula Hassan & Alfa Cross, killing 81 of the terrorist and recovering Guntrucks and weapons while women and children were rescued. See pictures below:

According to the ‘Defense News Headquarters’, the fleeing terrorists have continued to wreak havoc and razing villages in their escape routes to avoid Operation Tura Takaibango massive onslaughts against them. Today Troops with close air support attacked there Strongholds in Fierce Battle in Bama axis. The Boko Haram fighters laid several improvised explosive devices in anticipation of advancing troops. They were spotted by helicopter gunships who engaged them, cutting them off from escaping.

Seeing what has happened to their fallen comrades panic-stricken Boko Haram fighters. In their bid to escape and do as much damage as they can do, they began to attack the innocent women and children. They stormed several villages on motorcycles and gun trucks and set ablaze many houses as civilians fled for safety. The NAF present eye in the sky spotted the commotion and deployed its fighter jets which engaged the fleeing terrorists. They took out the first and last vehicles, before strafing the survivors with their 30mm DEFA 553 canons.

Recall that the Troops of Operation Tura Takaibango killed two Boko Haram commanders and Neutralised bandits laying in ambush in the Pulka/Bama axis of Borno State. The commanders, who were on the army watch list, include Abul-Bas and Ibn Habib were killed while crossing the Guja and Vuria settlements at the bank junction. Troops were inserted behind enemy lines and engaged the terrorists in a forest clearance operations, three insurgents were killed, two of whom are the most wanted commanders of the Abubakar Shekau faction of Boko Haram. The Nigeria troops recovered three General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs). But that is not all.

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